How much more of the talentless do we need to hear and see before the legitimate voices, the irrefutable talent, and the authentic celebrity of the starts that inspired melts into amorphous portraits?
How many more of the talented will waist their gift to lamentation, discontent, grievances, obsession with past events, masquerades of weakness drowned in alcohol, prescriptions and dope?
Will we forget the sound of the real voices and just remember the t-shirts?
Will we forget the words and the scenes and just remember the poster?
Will we completely forget what talent is, what the drive of passion impulses, what the joy of creativity conceives?
Will romance be Rihanna’s domestic violence scene? Will intelligence be returning to the victimizer counting on the audience’s short memory? Will love be dictated in Ghettos and inspired in crime?
Will achievement be a sex tape and working towards your goal just masturbation?
Will every memory be disfigured and every love song labeled cheesy?
Cheesy? are we allowed to label? We?, the generation that made Bimbos possible to trade them later for Booty Shakers?
Will this entropy begin or are we just simply in it?
What?, is entropy a Club?, uhhhh, … yes it is. OMG! … packed with Celebrities and stuff!

A series created in 2012