My route to Photography was not conventional,it started with collage making as an occasional hobby.
Capturing the right images was a natural process that evolved to a passion for Photography.It came instinctively and naturally.Improving my knowledge and acquiring technique came as a result of hands on work,trial and error and the privilege of attending Photography courses and workshops in Europe and the US.It helped to polished my work to where it is today. I am not a one trick camera pony,I like to explore and get lost in my thoughts and translate them into my images.Unlike capturing real moments,I capture my thoughts and bring them to light. 
Magazine Publications
180 Degree Magazine/2005 USA
180 Degree Magazine/2006 USA
French Photo Magazine/Issue 449/May 2008
Soura Magazine/Issue 24/2009 Dubai
Eyemazing Magazine/Issue 1/2009 Holland
 French Photo Magazine/Issue 476/January-February 2011 France
Book Publications
Guide to Great Photography/May 2006 United Kingdom

Soura Magazine Upcoming 5th Anniversary
Book/2010 Dubai